Trackside Mainline 2005 Dvd
Trackside Mainline 2005 Dvd   

Trackside Mainline 2005 Dvd

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Trackside Mainline 2005: Top Action from the Star Tours

Even though the sight of steam locomotives performing every day out on the mainlines of the UK ceased back in 1968, we are still fortunate to be able to see these grand machines racing along the miles of track that go to make up our national network.

Every year mainline tour operators run several special excursions, which give us all the opportunity to experience rail travel from a bygone era.

This programme includes sequences from a selection of these rail tours staged during 2005, including footage from the East Coast mainline, the Great Western mainline and the famous Settle - Carlisle route.

Such mainline giants as number 6201 Princess Elizabeth, number 6233 Duchess of Sutherland, number 60009 Union of South Africa, number 71000 Duke of Gloucester, number 6024 King Edward 1, number 5051 Ear/ Bathurst and number 5690 Leander all make an appearance along with several other regular mainline stars.