RC Back Issue Bundle - Morini Rebuild -101-102-103
RC Back Issue Bundle - Morini Rebuild -101-102-103   

RC Back Issue Bundle - Morini Rebuild -101-102-103

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Back Issue Bargain Bonanza: Morini Rebuild

Did you miss last year’s restoration of an unusual Morini single? here’s your chance to catch up, with a special offer on three magazines

There’s something of a spring-clean going on at RCHQ and we’ve uncovered a stack of back issues which we didn’t know were lurking in the warehouse. If we don’t clear some space soon then there won’t be any room for next month’s magazine - or worse, we might have to start moving motorcycles around. Horrors.

So to save us the effort of re-organising everything, we’ve arrange a selection of special offers to tempt you into taking some of these magazines off our hands. One careful owner, low mileage, so forth. Actually, they’re all pristine, brand new copies, and we’ve bundled them into a few themed collections for your delectation at a truly dazzlingly low price. In fact, you’re not paying much more than the postage costs, because we’d rather the magazines are read and enjoyed than sit in The Shed providing free accommodation to some very hairy spiders...

The Morini Rebuild bundle of three magazines comprises issues 101, 102 and 103, and showcases:

This unusual small capacity single was rebuilt over the course of six issues - here are the first three instalments to get you started. They describe the background to the bike, stripping it down, and the secret to achieving perfect paintwork.

All this for just £8.85 delivered to the UK.

Of course, you’ll receive three whole magazines with a half a dozen other articles in each about classic and interesting motorcycles from all eras and all around the world.

You can still buy individual issues of RealClassic, or subscribe to the monthly magazine.

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