October 2019
October 2019   

Classic Bike Guide - October 2019

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Manx Norton! Suzuki B120P! Kawasaki GPz750R! The October edition of Classic Bike Guide magazine has everything you need to buy, sell, ride and restore your classic bike!

As ever, this month’s issue of Classic Bike Guide magazine is packed with rebuild guides, wonders in the workshop, elegant British twins and new retro bikes.

If you’d like to read October’s Classic Bike Guide, then cut to the chase and download the digital version, order the print magazine, or better yet save those pennies and subscribe to Classic Bike Guide. Here’s what to expect this month…

Suzuki B120P | The ‘Bloop’ was a tried and tested, if mundane commuter. But a lot of people passed their test on it and if you are looking for a little two-stroke for fun, the ‘Bloop’ could be it.

Kawasaki GPz750R | It’s a great bike to ride and prices are low, so grab one while you can.

Norton Commando | The development year We take a fascinating look back at the short time it took to get the Commando into production with designer Roger Barlow.

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