Issue 53
Issue 53   

Classic Dirt Bike - Issue 53

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Welcome to Classic Dirt Bike magazine, where we celebrate the best in older off-road motorcycles and showcase those who ride them… both now and back in the day.

In the brand new Issue 53 of Classic Dirt Bike magazine, expect all of this…

Tedesco's Red Rocket

The American riders visiting Farleigh Vets need bikes to ride. Stevie Denton’s CR250 has been used by lots of them – this year Ivan Tedesco was behind the 'bars.

Mighty Matchless

In the days of big bikes and the men who raced them, ‘Matchless’ and ‘Curtis’ were pretty much synonymous terms.

Brewing a Stormer

AJS fell victim to the collapse of the British industry but managed to produce some great bikes – and the name carried on too.

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