November 2019
November 2019   

Kitchen Garden - November 2019

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The November issue, on sale now, gives you the chance to enjoy a look round Prince Charles' kitchen garden in Scotland.

The annual crop of falling leaves presents a great opportunity for bags of free soil conditioner this month and even if you don’t have your own trees, there may be opportunities to collect them from friends and family, writes KG editor Steve Ott. 

Once gathered you’ll need another essential – fungi – to turn the leaves into the best mulch that money can't buy. Read Ben Vanheems’ advice on ways to make your best-ever leafmould. Fungi feature again in this autumnal issue, this time the edible kind, as keen organic gardener Wendy Pillar shows how to grow fungi on logs.

We have some great top tips on companion planting from winner of the Great Allotment Challenge, Rob Smith, and our resident fruit expert David Patch has advice on growing highly decorative and productive small trees with names to make you smile on a chilly autumn day – cobnuts and filberts.

Other highlights in this issue:

  • Delicious recipes from our resident chef, Anna Cairns Pettigrew, including this superbly seasonal pumpkin pasta dish!

  • Barricade – and marmalade! With thefts and vandalism on allotments increasing, it seems, Sally Cunningham considers a natural prickly barrier which also produces lovely flowers and fruit for making marmalade. Step forward, Citrus (formerly Poncirustrifoliata, the Japanese bitter orange, a relatively hardy shrub from China and Japan – pretty, practical and perfect on the plate.
  • Fed up with trekking to the chemist for endless (and expensive!) cough and cold remedies? Stephanie Hafferty takes a look at some home-made treatments to aid symptoms of the common cold.