May 2024
May 2024   

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure - May 2024

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7 News
What’s occurring in motorcycling

25 Maynard Hershon
It’s nothing to do with fashion

26 Products
Gear and garments for your twowheeled life

36 Letters
Your views in your words

64 Richard Millington
Old is new, but old, too. Eh?

90 Tried & Tested
Clothing and kit, as used by us

93 Next Month
Summer is on its way!

98 Kevin Cameron
More tech insights from our Kev


28 Electric tech
Battery maintenance

38 Full Chat
A new podcast from Bikesure

40 From the archive
A look at the social side of the 63 ISDT

44 Robert Henschel
Norton’s boss speaks out

51 Legal Eagle
Nerves and courses

58 Mossy’s tech
This month he looks at engines

70 Subscriptions
Get yourself a deal, and MSL to your door

78 Long Distance Teapot
A cheap bike for a meaningful trip


60 Day Ride
A squirt up to John O’Groats

66 Mid Ride
Northern Spain and the ‘Picos Triangle’

72 Long Ride
Returning from Transylvania, via Italy


10 Triumph 400
Finally, a small capacity bike from Hinckley, and it’s a beaut, in two versions

18 Ducati DesertX Rally
Focused development for the Italian adventure bike

30 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports
The tweaked version of the impressive adventure bike


82 Kawasaki Versys 650 GT
A trip to the south-east for Bertie

84 Suzuki GSX-8S
Clearly impressed by the 8S, Stu is sorry to see it go

86 Suzuki V-Strom 800
Mossy has clearly enjoyed the last 11,000 miles

88 Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid
The long-legged Yam has become a long-distance beast of burden

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