November 2019
November 2019   

Scootering - November 2019

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Devil in disguise, check out the twin-engine 488cc Vespa twin! There’s carnage at Cadwell plus a FREE Trojan CD is included in this month’s must-read Scootering magazine.

Simply put, Scootering is the number one scooter magazine in the world featuring stunning restorations and customisations, news, reviews, technical advice and an unrivalled insight into the scooter scene.

If you’d like to read the November issue of Scootering magazine, then you can cut to the chase and download the digital version, order the print magazine, or better yet save those pennies and subscribe to Scootering magazine. Here’s what to expect this month…

Doing the Boxer BeatWhen images appeared of Motorino Diavolo’s Vespa twin they were dismissed as photoshopped nonsense but, as Stan discovered, it’s real and this boxer packs a punch!

Bob Keeler Sportsman combo

A scooter capable of being both eye-catching on the high street, or competitively climbing up a Welsh hill in the dead of night!

Bonneville: The Final Frontier…

A quest to embrace the epitome of challenges of scooter endurance, at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

PLUS! Scooter Trader; Dealer Profiles; Kickstart and you show us your scoots!

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