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Spitfire Revisited

An Enthusiast’s Guide to Modelling the Spitfire and Seafire

This beautifully illustrated book is intended to assist the Spitfire modeller in understanding the physical shape and associated mechanical changes that applied to each of the many Marks of Spitfire produced - from the pre-Second World War, two-bladed, fixed-pitch propeller variants to the post-war contra-rotating six-bladed propeller versions - and all those in between. It is illustrated with more than 90 photos showing models of the different Marks as well as more than 160 profile, top and underside views, all in full colour and meticulously detailed with the modeller in mind.

Spitfire Revisited

Book Details

Softback:  140 pages
Author: Trevor Snowden
Publisher: Mortons Media Group Ltd.
Imprint: Dalrymple & Verdun Books
ISBN: 9781905414178

Mortons Media Group Ltd.

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