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Style, innovation, fun, loud, fast definitely rules! FTW! celebrates the new wave of custom bikes that are sweeping the world. Cafe racers. Streetrackers. Bobbers. People have been building them for years. But now there’s a twist. The builders are largely a new breed.

Younger, vibrant, fashion-conscious and drawing inspiration from BMX, skating, surfing, all with a healthy nod to grungy old nostalgia too. And motorcycle nostalgia comes in many forms from vintage bikes through speedway to hi-tech racing projectiles.

FTW! is about all the bikes that underpin the new movement.
FTW: Forever Two Wheels!
By Gary Pinchin
Forever Two Wheels by Gary Pinchin (Bookazine)

Book Details

Paperback:   132 pages 
Author:  Gary Pinchin
Publisher: Mortons Media Group Ltd.

Language:   English
ISBN: 978-1-909128-47-7



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