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Vintage & Classic Motorcycle;Diary of 1000 rides



Over 1000 rides and biking events you can do this year are listed in this brand new bookazine from the VMCC – the Vintage Motorcycle Club, which welcomes all bikes over 25 years old. 

Britain's biggest club for old bikes, the VMCC has over 13,500 members. Over 80 local sections organise runs, ride-ins, pub meets and more – there's bound to be one near you. Not only that, but the Diary of 1000 Rides is packed with advice on buying your first classic bike – the joys and pitfalls, where to buy spares and how much to spend. As a bonus, there are other features from Vintage & Classic Motorcycle, the VMCC's monthly magazine – from crossing South America by Norton to restoring a Kawasaki Z1000. 

Diary of 1000 Rides is your gateway into the world of the VMCC – we love old bikes, come and join us.

Vintage & Classic Motorcycle: Diary of 1000 Rides

Book Details

Paperback: 132 page 
Author: Peter Henshaw  
Publisher:  VMCC
ISBN: 9781911703099

Mortons Media Group Ltd.

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